Russian Abigor Tribute


Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan (1999)

1. Dawn of Human Dust
2. Pandemonic Revelation
3. Equilibrium Pass by
4. Wildfire and Desire
5. Utopia Consumed
6. Demon`s Vortex
7. Towards beyond
8. Pandora`s Miasmic Breath

Recorded in winter 1999

5. Utopia Consumed

The strings of silence — hushed
The strings of silence — smooth
Withina few hours all signs will read storm
An endless high pulsating evil
Is rising from the cone
A magical miraculous horn
Of a unicorn whose top gets lost in infinity
The storm of hell never halts there
It drives the ghosts and demon`s in it`s vortex
Everlasting, fot the fatal and
The glorious return of our master…
Onwards, onwards… to hell, to hell
I was torture, death and fatal spell
Thrones and dominions mean nothing to me
As long as I seek the truth
Thus I break man and ice
On my journey towards beyound

A source of tranquility
Paralysed oceans formed by skulls
Pandemonic outbreaks cause chaos
Chaos within the universe
Blood for Satan — tears for God!
Within this astral pain I`ll never be the same
Throwing myself to the sky
While falling to the ground
The dark silhouettes move towards me
As I confess the morbid desire
And I witness all the falling souls consumed
No flame burns brighter than desire
Lust and passion, and pain as sinfull gift
Wildfire in the heart of man — uncontrolable
I`m the creature set ablaze with God`s sin
A newborn day waits to surrect
But what will cover dawn?

Neither begging nor pleading will find ears
When all the anel hordes have gone to war
For a final twisted dance
A twisted dance — into death
So let us bring and end to this
I lead the first strike to eternity
While the sun and moon fall down
Between my fingers — subconscious
Glass like tunnels reveal
Upon this widom`s flame…
The flame, a shivering mirror
That reflects my bonelike face
Bloodred are enlightened my bleak eyes
Eyes that saw worlds crash into the void
The void, an empty abyss you call reality
And I settle down in the crystal throne
but is this really what I am striving for?
An everlasting existence
Without any challenge